t’s impossible to believe that the last fishermen to see our waters were at the end of March and our boats and camp have sat empty since then. But the good news is that things are starting to happen and it seems that it will only be a few more weeks before we hear reels screaming and tigerfish breaching the Zambezi again. The Mosi beers are stocked and are “on the ice” so to speak!

Many people have asked how/when can we come tiger fishing so
here are some key points/dates to keep in mind:

1. “When do you open?”

Right now, we are waiting for the Katima-Sesheke border between Namibia and Zambia to open to allow us to get supplies. At this point, we expect this to be the 15th October 2020

2. “How do we get there?”

At this point, there are 3 options:

1. Private charter – we have secured a Cessna Grand Caravan to fly groups up to 10 people to Katima Airstrip for 5 night trips which we can book for you with your trip.
2. Airlink – Airlink have announced they will be flying to Kasane and Livingstone “soon.” We expect these flights to open in November but no firm dates are available yet.
3. Self drive – Depending on your point of departure, self drive is available as
soon as we open

We have arranged for on-site Covid tests with same day results which we will pay
for if guests stay for 5 nights
 and this will cover guests for their return trip.