Many of you have asked how we have coped trying to run a travel and fishing business over the last 10 months? I am deeply grateful for the countless calls to check in, the guys who moved heaven and earth to fish with us in November and December and those who are booked already to fish in 2021!

Over the quiet Christmas season and as the pandemic is worsening (certainly here in SA), I began to think on how our business – and undoubtedly many others – could recover and I realised, that if you love fishing, then you are already really well placed to recover financially from the effects of this pandemic.

Sounds crazy right? But hear me out…there are 3 reasons:

Years of ‘one more cast’ or ‘that spot looks good’ or ‘just one more drift’ has taught us that we are always one cast away from that trophy moment.

Even if the fishing has been dead for hours and the sun is beating down, we know it can turn at any moment and if we don’t have a line in the water, we will miss out.

When the fish are down, we change flies, we change lures, we fish deeper in the water column, we switch methods, we may even switch species. The point is…we readily change and try new tactics until we find the one that works.
So as we tentatively plan our comebacks in 2021, let’s remember the lessons we have learned from the rivers and the fish we pursue – those lessons may just help us lead our companies in the recovery! That, and the fact that at least on the Zambezi, there are cold beers waiting at the end of the day!

Watch Owen and Andrew’s trip in 2020 – thanks again for the hassle you guys went through to visit! Click the image below here to watch the video.

Finally, for a laugh:

Ashley Wilmot shows us what a lockdown year on the Upper Zambezi looks like. ….See any resemblance? 😉